Zest (What to do with a Citrus Fruit)


This is my favourite photo of the day and represents a beautiful Sunday where I’m trying out new things.

After making lemon icing to go on a honey cake, the other day, I fell back in love with the smell of lemons.

The clean citrus scent, the multitude of uses and the texture of the fruit itself.

I’m presently looking for ways to use these fruits more widely.

Other than cutting them up and using them for art, cleaning or desert purposes.

But I’d like to share everything I’ve found so far:

  • Need a little extra in your beauty regime? Lemon can be used in Salt scrubs, face masks or even hair gels. I found some great recipes and tips here.
  •  Lemon juice makes a great cleaning product and smell great. So if you’re cleaning out the fridge or want to brighten your wash a hot or cold lemon mix should do the job. for tougher challenges mix it with salt to clean grills or pennies.
  • Health and lemons. When you were little and you heard that you should be drinking honey and lemon for a fever or cold it held a lot of truth. Lemon juice not only helps break fevers but is great for teeth, is a natural antiseptic for the skin, can help fade old scars and can even assist high blood pressure.
  • Beyond the practical uses check out these recipes I found on BBC Good Food…Delicious!

Any other ideas? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

If you’re weekend is lacking a little zest then look no further,






The Zesty Sunday Smoothie:

-250ml Pure Orange Juice

-8-10 Strawberries (Chopped)

-1 Banana (chopped)

-Half a lemon (zested and juiced)

-Half a fresh orange (juiced)

The lemon and orange may seem like a strange addition but they give it a zesty citrus flavor that really livens up the taste of the other ingredients.

The ingredients were all brought fresh first thing this morning from my local farm shop and if they weren’t in a smoothie they’d be perfect for a pie or some lemon curd. Shopping locally means I can get food that’s freshly picked and ready to cook everyday (no defrost required).

Health is a really important part of my life but the revelation of learning to cook foods that are low in bad fats and which make my body happy has been a brilliant journey so far!

Happy Sunday,



Last Time I Checked

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you get sick. You get sick and you’re not sure what to do and suddenly everything seems unclear.

But one thing is clear to me:

Last time I checked I told someone I loved them because of everything they were. Infuriating, stubborn, unmoving but caring, helpful and someone I couldn’t live without.

Last time I checked I was with a guy who put himself on the line for what he believes in who has a job that makes him so much more than just my amazing man because of all the lives he has and will impact in the most positive way I can think of.

Last time I check I had a hand to hold that was strong even if words weren’t there and a face that always smiles when I cry because it doesn’t know what to say but wants to share a little ray of hope.

Last time I checked that man was in my heart as it beat, belonging to him were a world of hopes and dreams that I will never stop being amazed by, for as long as I have him, on the days when life throws a curve ball right at me.

My latest and first optimism in a while: Appreciate love, however you find it, however long you see it, because it’s the glimmer of hope in the darkest corners of our world and the reason so many hearts still beat.

Daisy x