About Daisy


Hitting 20 something means starting a new chapter so I’m leaving behind the daydreams to say Hello to the Daisy living them…Welcome to my crazy pursuit of living in the now!

My life plays out somewhere between a Victorian novel and an indie photograph, at least in my mind. So far I’ve tried hopeless romance, piercings, learnt how to bake without a recipe book…I’m happy with that.

You can check out my Pinterest by clicking on the little button and even find me on instagram @luciefox8 but you’ll notice something different between here and my ”real-world”…my name! When I took up writing I took up the name Daisy. It’s what I was going to be called at birth before practicality intervened and it is now the name I use to distinguish between the two most important parts of my world; my writing and socialising.

So, with that too consider here are three things about me as a whole that people who know Lucy don’t know:

1.Since before I can remember I’ve been writing honesty’s about myself/philosophy’s in various places. Call it graffiti or call it romanticism but these places extend even to an abandoned fairground ride in a German forest.

2.I miss a day I’ve never belonged to. Ever watched Downton Abbey or a show set in a time with not only beautiful dresses but manners, handwritten letters delivered by a post-man not an e-mail account. Give me that in co-incidence with instagram, women’s rights and education for all and I’ll be happy. But I’m making  the most of what I’ve got.

3.I’m a baker with severely mixed feelings about cake (I call this BB. Baking Bipolar). I used to bake a few times a week but lately it’s become simply a form of stress relief while my friends are left wondering why the kitchen doesn’t smell like fresh bread and there are no biscuits in the tin. (Although the tin is never full for long I’m happy to report)

Now you’ve made it through a little bit about me stick around and explore,





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