We made it through Winter

We made it through winter, or this is what I’ll say, when I tell myself that the bitter cold is just a few more days.

We made it through winter, the snow at our doors, the frost at our feet, and the cold under paws.

We made it through winter, we got out of bed,  we went out into the cold fresh days and then back to rest our heads.

We wrapped up warm and drank hot drinks that melted the frost and helped us think, we scraped our cars and drove real far, because winter really had a place in our hearts.

We stayed up late because it was dark to soon and saw, in the clear fresh air, the stars and the moon.

We made it through winter, or this is what I’ll say, when spring dawns, and I’m ready to thaw, from these cosy nights and days.


Celebrating a new found love of the crisp beauty of winter, although I’ll always be loyal to summer.

Happy Friday!

Daisy x




All Those Little Things

When the days seem a lot longer, the heat seems a lot hotter and it’s Winter,

when your hair grows longer and your cause grows stronger but you’re weaker,

when your eyes get wider and your mind it fills but sleep is something you have to will,

when the paper grows higher and the grades aspire but you’re tired,

The little things become your life.

And you’re grateful for them all.

But you hear those sounds and you see through your window,

there’s a world out there that you don’t quite belong to.

You’re alone again… with all those little things.