The Woods

The Light became brighter, illuminating the edges of the trees and bringing the woods to life. Breathlessly they observed the true rush of daylight and the land from which their hearts took flight.


It had been a freezing morning and the land was white as snow with the paths glistening. The streetlights had illuminated a clean peace but as they faded, and dawn came, the soft light that drew its way around the angles of humanities constructions was an wake-up call entitled ‘Today, is a mountain day’.

Don’t take this literally, no mountains were to be found, but stepping into the unknown hills and woods was a climb of its own, embracing the foliage and knowing every step must be mindful of the ever-changing status of the land. The first few steps were harder than they had expected, being more used to the sound of cars and crowds than nature alone, and not having prepared their feet for the muddy terrain. But they persevered uphill until a view broke out before them and an alleviation washed over their weighty shoulders. The distant valley and far beyond bowed before the gaze of her eyes, no photograph or picture could have shown the treasure that was a view full of houses miniaturised to a backdrop with hills standing proud displaying their woods and castles in a mark of stature.

In the wake of the view the energy was palpable and eager were their hearts to carry on and discover more of what this rural retreat had to offer.

Bright yellow blooms were bursting into life just as the sky sent down a flurry of snowfall that wouldn’t settle and the air became colder. She held her hands up to her ears, the cold wind having swept away the protection from her ever-growing hair and thought of all the warm things she had that would have done a better job. No room for after thought when you are in the midst of it all.

The Weather eased off not long after and the landscape became more condensed with fallen trees and woodlands. At the same time, the path became more narrow and the people that passed, fewer. This is where silence and peace were really to be found. For those they had seen alone this was the ultimate test of being comfortable with your own company.

The views sprawled and their steps quickened and blurred in the growing confidence of their strides and soon they approached a set of caves. Carved deeply into the stonework were ancient symbols and faces, the silence became more abundant. The hollows in he caves echoed with an eerie whistle as a shiver ran through them as they took in the enormity of the space. It was somewhere they’d heard about, a place of potion making and witchcraft from earlier days. They studied the symbols carefully as the cold wind picked up, causing them to brace their selves against it. It was then that they heard a shuffling sound from within and the shadow of a figure began to emerge from the darkness. They were quick to turn and continue on the path, footsteps a little quicker. The presence had startled them and it had felt to silent for there to be anyone in the area.

Stopping at the bottom they turned around and looked back up. There at the top was a woman and her dog. The laughter was simultaneous, their minds had been racing with false possibility as stories of old had ebbed into their sense. The woman looked at them as if they’d gone mad, it was probably true.

After a moment they carried on, with the exhilaration lingering, and soon found that they were once again on the path, lighthearted and full of joy in the most honest of moments, a hill in front of them left to climb.

The Light became brighter, illuminating the edges of the trees and bringing the woods to life. Breathlessly they observed the true rush of daylight and the land from which their hearts took flight.

Just a little story for today,

Daisy x








We made it through Winter

We made it through winter, or this is what I’ll say, when I tell myself that the bitter cold is just a few more days.

We made it through winter, the snow at our doors, the frost at our feet, and the cold under paws.

We made it through winter, we got out of bed,  we went out into the cold fresh days and then back to rest our heads.

We wrapped up warm and drank hot drinks that melted the frost and helped us think, we scraped our cars and drove real far, because winter really had a place in our hearts.

We stayed up late because it was dark to soon and saw, in the clear fresh air, the stars and the moon.

We made it through winter, or this is what I’ll say, when spring dawns, and I’m ready to thaw, from these cosy nights and days.


Celebrating a new found love of the crisp beauty of winter, although I’ll always be loyal to summer.

Happy Friday!

Daisy x



Nature (Quote for today)

Sometimes I venture into other explorations and creations but it always come back to that one. The thing you can close your eyes and allow to flow from your mind onto a crisp white page. Scribbles and swirls with a deciphered destination.

Let your words change this forsaken generation of media moments and give your voice a chance to calm while you breathe in the words of others. Deal those words like a game of poker. Keep your cards close to your chest until you are ready to reveal the jewel of your collection. Then try again and again until you make a change.

I hope a day never comes when our voices are powerless more so than now. Take the time to write all of them down and breathe them in as they are returned. Value each syllable like a gift.

Daisy x


Waking up in a cold and desolate place was hard: The light streamed in through a crack in the heavy blackout curtains. I’d pour myself into the water that streamed over my skin and dissolve into my own mind.

Readying myself to say goodbye to the harsh daylight was harder: Stepping outside and knowing that those few moments in a morning were the fresh air that I would breath, the life that I would see and the only real ground I would feel beneath my feet until night had fallen.

Everyday for months I would lose the natural light, say goodbye to the real world and play at politeness with people who were consumed within themselves.

Everyone has a tipping point, a breaking point.The day where my morality was questioned was that day.

And so I relished those moments outdoors and drew energy to change. I was blessed with a single chance.

I shed the weight like a tree shaking off its leaves to embrace winter, and then shedding the cold snow as it thaws.

Here I am, emerging. The light is harsh but the beauty it reveals is worth the strain it brings to my sight.

Hello daytime, I look forward to waking up and all the things that follow.

I look forward to writing them down.

Daisy x

I Have a Thing about “borrowing” Jumpers…

I normally give them back…eventually.

But I have this collection, in my mind, of all the jumpers I’ve ever worn that weren’t mine, all the coats draped around my shoulders and all the side-effects of the question “are you cold?”

Currently I’m sat in a fluffy coat, slightly over-warm that belongs to my Grandfather.

To think of all places he’s been, stories he’s heard and things he’s said in this coat is what makes me happy. I’ll keep it for an hour or so before returning it. But if it were anyone else I might not.

When I put on the jumper of a guy I’m dating with slightly pulled sleeves or signs of wear I’m putting on a piece of them.

When they disappear, even for a little while, when I pretend I’ve accidentally packed them or forgot where I put them it tends to be because I want to hold onto whatever it is that little bit longer as I travel.

I’m not a kleptomaniac. I collect and “borrow” stories not things.

I like reserved train tickets that nobody collects. Such a shame to waste something reserved especially for you.

I like to pick up big orange leaves that other people would never see.

I like to write about people I see on trains that are mysteries. I once thought a guy was a part of something really cool because of a logo emblazoned on his brief case….the actual results were so disappointing I won’t share them with you.

I guess I just like stories, other peoples lives, things that both have and haven’t been and things that aren’t mine that can belong to me for a little while covertly.

I also like that I’m sharing this with complete strangers,




Do They Make Those In Tall? A.k.a Playing With Fireworks

I’m walking through a shop and I see a guy with a lovely tweed jacket, my first thought was why don’t they make those in tall.

I’m not against short boys, heaven knows that would make my life a lot more difficult but as a girl of 6′ something I do wish they made a lot more in tall.

Not just boys but dresses and shoes and houses.

I’m basically an elf and although I love who my am it’s not infrequent for me to be the person reaching things, intimidating men below my height quite accidentally and being asked “Can you see [my friend/bag/future]?” In clubs and daily life.

I spent a year in a city where my height was the first thing accounted for. Now living in a small Welsh village finally it’s not “Gosh your tall” but “Hello, what’s your name?”

It’s a relief but for once in my life I’d like a slightly higher mirror, a slightly taller cupboard and a sink I don’t have to bend down a little to reach.

Anyways, it’s Thursday aka my very own fire works night.

My dear grandma has made lobby (a northern stew type thing), my brother is jovial with the christmas lights he has put in the back of his car s he tells me he has sparklers…which in turn makes me very happy. So I’m going to put on my gloves, stop eating chocolate buttons and prepare for some childlike delight to flicker across my gaze as my heart is warmed with some beautiful home-made food.

Remember not the fifth or November but don’t forget to remember. Not treason or plot, just what you’ve got.

My heart bursts as flames in colour tear through the sky, never quite reaching me as they fall. The smell of hot dogs and the taste of a toffee apple permeates my scent, my taste until my senses are filled with the sounds of the season. It’s too soon for Christmas but not too soon to wrap up warm and enjoy the frost. Never forgetting what we’ve got. My tiny cousins growing to fast and the rest of the family are here, I’m home. One more night in a comfort that will never be gone. I’m grateful.