Zest (What to do with a Citrus Fruit)


This is my favourite photo of the day and represents a beautiful Sunday where I’m trying out new things.

After making lemon icing to go on a honey cake, the other day, I fell back in love with the smell of lemons.

The clean citrus scent, the multitude of uses and the texture of the fruit itself.

I’m presently looking for ways to use these fruits more widely.

Other than cutting them up and using them for art, cleaning or desert purposes.

But I’d like to share everything I’ve found so far:

  • Need a little extra in your beauty regime? Lemon can be used in Salt scrubs, face masks or even hair gels. I found some great recipes and tips here.
  •  Lemon juice makes a great cleaning product and smell great. So if you’re cleaning out the fridge or want to brighten your wash a hot or cold lemon mix should do the job. for tougher challenges mix it with salt to clean grills or pennies.
  • Health and lemons. When you were little and you heard that you should be drinking honey and lemon for a fever or cold it held a lot of truth. Lemon juice not only helps break fevers but is great for teeth, is a natural antiseptic for the skin, can help fade old scars and can even assist high blood pressure.
  • Beyond the practical uses check out these recipes I found on BBC Good Food…Delicious!

Any other ideas? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

If you’re weekend is lacking a little zest then look no further,




Who I Am, Not Who Am I?

I’ve learnt a few things about myself, even if I can’t say much else for certain and what better way to start a new chapter than by introducing your character as she begins.

So here’s me, a twenty-year old student living in the smallest part of Wales having made some pretty big decisions to get there:

  • I have a severe crush on art, photography and visual beauty. Black and white photography inspires something in my mind I can’t quite explain, maybe it’s the love of contrast and the areas of grey which say so much or maybe it’s just how provocative a lack of colour, something laid bare can be.
  • My love for trains is still as undying as it was when as an 8 year-old child. I don’t care too much to learn about their composition but I was sat in a train station yesterday waiting to head home when I notices some steam trains. queue excitable Facebook status and smile.
  • I have learnt that contrary to my own fear growing up doesn’t mean losing heart for all, it just means learning to put that heart so strongly into things that we are a little more tired, that a smile may not always be visible but it can always be there and that some deep part of ourselves can appreciate more of the complexity and chaos in the forever that lies before us with the hazy days that have been.
  • I study philosophy but I have a long way to go. Everyday I can learn a new theory with such a minute difference to the last one but with such big consequences it literally blows my mind! I don’t think we can every know everything but that’s a beautiful thing because it means if we choose a good selection no-one can ever say we’re not infinitely unique…and despite ideas of determinism that means we chose ourselves for ourselves!
  • Family are so important to me. It doesn’t matter who I don’t get on with that well, who’s cooking I don’t like or who winds me up until I want to explode, the ones who are there for me when I need them are the ones I will always keep in my heart. Friends change so do the places you live, boyfriends, girlfriends and everything in between and it’s true that you do get a say in your family but those who are and always have been there for you will support you and eventually matter more than anything else. I don’t always show it but that’s not what counts most anyway.
  • Sparkling in many senses is something I aim to do always. A sparkle in my eye, glittery lip gloss, even the accentuation of polka dot laces in my red Doc Martens. It’s important to me to always feel like I’m shining. It might so silly or vain but if I can brighten my day a little I might help someone else do the same.
  • I love to read, but in considerations of time I actually just watch a lot of movies and listen to a lot of music. I have over 90 playlists on Spotify, a brand new shiny Netflix account which so far has been used for Reign and the Gilmore Girls and Youtube regularly suggests I listen to Coldplay-The Scientist on repeat when I’m sad. My Browsers know me well, my books are a more neglected topic.
  • And finally, because I’m sure you have enough to go on, all I really want to do in the world is write, since I was old enough to hold a crayon and write on whatever surface was available (including the furniture) I’ve know what I want to do.

So there’s what I know that I wanted to share a little of with you before I begin the story. I’m a 20-something still learning and despite the expectations of me increasing by the day I’m making the most of now. The beautiful moments in which I walk.

Daisy xaddtext_com_MTMyNjQ3MzA4NDM